Lakin and Boone was set up by Chloe Kiss, after she struggled to find interesting and long lasting gifts for her niece and nephew in the small City of Truro in Cornwall. She was bored of high street chain shops with the same products and wanted to support small and emerging brands, like the ones she saw on Instagram. Chloe knew it was important for purchasers to be able to touch and see the quality of products before buying though, and this is where the idea evolved.

With a background in marketing and PR, first in kids' toys and then in organic childrens' clothing, Chloe realised the importance of promoting products that you believe in. When selling in toys to the press made in China of plastic and other unsustainble materials, Chloe felt frustrated that we were promoting these products to our children that were doing so much damage to our environment. After making the move to work in organic clothing, things changed professionally and personally, leading to an increased intention to improve all areas of her lifestyle to be more eco conscious.

From here, Lakin and Boone was born. A small family lifestyle store, but with big ideas. To stock products that we can stand by, that we know are ethically made, and the production and materials used aren't going to harm future generations. The products we source may be a little more expensive, but we hope you can see why...

We explain a little more about the credentials of each brand over on our brands page, you can see more here.

Chloe in the shop